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Delve into new worlds by visiting Vienna’s museums, where you can explore a diverse range of topics, including the history of art, culture, nature and peace. The Museumsquartier, a 60,000 square metre area in the 7th district, offers an incredible selection of exhibitions focusing on art and culture and is a great place to head to for first-time visitors to the city.

The Best Museums in Vienna

Tourist Guide For Traveling in Vienna

 Known for its colorful and rich culture, imperial sights, baroque architecture, and good wine, Vienna is the beloved capital city of Austria – a beautiful Central European country with friendly and welcoming people. The country predominantly speaks German and has lots to offer for a visitor with a variety of interests from nature and culture to good food.

Being a developed country with a stable social market economy, Austria has plenty of contemporary entertainment sources. In this Vienna tourist guide, we give a comprehensive information and list of historic and naturally beautiful spots that you can visit as a tourist, along with the amazing nightlife that this city can offer with plenty of bars, restaurants and casinos. Or achieve to do everything with the help of your phone. Try to imagine eating at a good restaurant while playing the best online entertaining games on your phone. See how to make it happen and expand your quality time in Vienna.

“Willkommen in Wien” – Welcome to Vienna

Known for its rich imperial history, Austria is a warm, friendly and welcoming country for tourists. This beautiful city with an irresistible old worldly charm is a history and architecture lover’s dream. There is also a very fun coffee house culture in the city that evokes creativity of the visitors. The top online casinos and their no deposit bonus offers have also made an impact on tourist entertainment. Get more information here about what exactly no deposit bonus is and why they are so popular among casino players. Checking at a more recent guide you will see that the way people in Vienna have fun has modernized with music festivals and plenty of fun gaming and betting centers around the town.

Places to Visit

Located on the banks of the River Danube, Vienna is one of the most picturesque parts of Austria. Due to the location of the country, it is an ideal place to experience a blend of the history of both Eastern and Western Europe. Following are some of the top sights to see in Vienna, and Austria altogether if you look through a Vienna tourist guide.

  • The Hofburg is perhaps one of the most iconic architectural wonders in the city. It is the current residence of the President of Austria and it has been the official residence of all the previous rules of the country since the 13th Many different styles of architecture can be seen in this building with over 2500 rooms.
  • Your Vienna tourist guide will also lead you to Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens, which were made in the 18th If you look through the images of this elegant establishment you would see how beautifully colorful and picturesque the garden of this historic palace is. Due to both architectural and historic value of this Palace and the gardens, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site as well.

Having Fun on Your Stay in Vienna

Café and bar hopping is, of course, the most popular fun activity in this lovely capital of Austria. Also, even though it is not a beach destination, there are some very cool surf Vienna spots that you can drop by for real surfing. Moreover, Vienna is one of the most progressive cities in Europe when it comes to casinos. Some of the best casinos can be find in Vienna where you can play roulette, blackjack, slot and other casino games and more to win real money! These classical games can be played on your computer or mobile device now as well. So you won’t have to go to Vienna to experience this. Your European gaming journey is only a click away thanks to this amazing online gambling establishment that offers flexibility to it’s customers. They also have amazing lotto games that we think you might find interesting.

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Places to Visit Nearby

Austria is an amazing country filled with culturally, historically and architecturally important attractions all around. Once you finish exploring all your favorite attractions in Vienna tourist guide, you can visit beautiful suburbs in Vienna such as Innere Stadt, Hernals, Margareten and Alsergrund to leisurely enjoy the culture of this country without too many tourists around.