10 reasons to visit Vienna

Visit the Most Liveable City

In 2015, Vienna was voted the most liveable city in the world for the eighth time in a row by the international management consultancy mercer. The study evaluated the quality of life in 230 cities around the world by comparing the political, environmental, social and economic conditions as well as medical care, education, infrastructure, public transport and leisure activities. This is a good reason for visiting.

Beyond The Schnitzel

Guests can take lessons at the Wrenkh Brothers Restaurant and the farmer’s Market Cooking salon. Karl and Leo Wrenkh are emerging Stars of the Austrian cooking scene for their well-conceived vegetarian dishes. Austria, cooking and vegetarian in one sentence may seem like an Oxymoron, but there are lives beyond the Vienna schnitzel. The kitchen is bright and well thought out and the food also. Who would have thought that fried Teriyaki pumpkin could taste so good?

Walk Through the Naschmarkt

Take a stroll through the multicultural hustle and bustle of the Naschmarkt, the most important food market in Vienna. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a great place to admire the surrounding Art Nouveau buildings. There is an early Saturday morning flea market where you can buy all the things you didn’t know you didn’t need them.

Food at Café Drechsler

Take a Moment at Naschmarkt to eat at the nearby Cafe Drechsler. It has been a Viennese Institution since 1919 and definitely not a tourist meeting place. Do you want to look like a local? Order a Melange and a few rolls with jam. A Cappuccino and two rolls for you and me. The jam will be apricot, believe me. See cafedrechsler.At/de/home.Php

Admiring the Kunstkammer

The Kunsthistorisches Museum on the Ringstraße was built by order of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary and opened in 1891. It is, as can be expected, stuffed with stupid amounts of marble and gold leaf and the like. Forget the Rest and visit the beautiful rooms of the Kunstkammer. The big attraction here is the Cellini salt cellar, but the Rest of this funny and curious collection is equally amazing and has some spectacular sculptural examples of the pronounced lower jaw prognosis of the Habsburg family (under-bite, that is).

Listening to the House of Music

The house of music in the centre of Vienna is an interactive Museum of sound and music in this most musical city. It is also wonderful and incongruous, known as the sound Museum. It was opened in 2000 and extends over five floors of the former Palais of Archduke Charles. Here you will find the Museum of the Vienna Philharmonic, multiple sound rooms for classical composers and exhibits on the topic.

Worship of St. Stephen’s church

A bit safe, and if you’re lucky, you might come to a service in time that includes a Mozart Requiem. Will be very, very busy in the summer, and the costume Touts selling concert tickets outside can be irritating. Look at the large number 05, etched in the stone to the right of the front door – it is the code of the Austrian Resistance Movement during the World War II. 0 stands for o and 5 stands for e, the fifth letter of the alphabet. Oe was a Code for Austria, a Name that was forbidden in the third Reich.

Ring Road

The Ringstraße is the great Boulevard that surrounds the old town of Vienna. It is a large wide road with lots of space and lots of bike paths – and touches almost every building of historical interest. A quick tour gives you a good impression of the geography of the city and is short enough at only 5.6 kilometers to be not too intimidating. There is also an official Ring-Boulevard cycle path.

Do Not Wait in Schonbrunn Palace

On the outskirts of the city the Baroque beauty of schonbrunn Castle (summer residence of the Habsburgs and their outstanding pine trees) is quite famous, but with this popularity comes a double – edged sword of tourists-and many of them. Buy your Tickets online early to avoid waiting and waiting a day.

Giddy-Up in the Spanish Riding School

So synonymous with Vienna as sigmund freud-but much more beautiful. Watching these amazingly beautiful horses being tested at heart and kidneys means seeing poetry in action. Guided tours and regular events should be booked in advance. The seats at the majestic evening performances are not cheap, but you can get General admission tickets for 30 euros.